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    Shandong Exports ISO 9000 composite factories manufacture quality Wind Energy Blades, Nacelles, Nose Cones and other components using many different materials. The options to choose from in the areas of resins, fibers and cores, which all have their own unique set of properties such as strength, stiffness, toughness, heat resistance, cost, and production rate.

    However, the end properties of a composite part produced from these different materials is not only a function of the individual properties of the resin matrix and fiber (and in sandwich structures, the core as well), but is also a function of the way in which the materials themselves are designed into the part and also the way in which they are processed.

    SQE uses RTM (Resin Transfer Moulds) to manufacture Wind Energy Components, when possible, for higher production quantities, rather than hand layup (Open Composite Moulds) resulting in a superior and flawless end product.

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